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Lisa Clegg’s experience as a NN

We ask Lisa Clegg author of Blissful Baby Expert, to share her experience as a Night Nanny

What made you want to become a Night Nanny A-I’ve always been a ‘baby person’ and happiest when I have a baby in my arms. I grew up the 4th eldest of 26 grandchildren in a very close knit family, all living in the same village pretty much, and was always the first to volunteer, to take a baby off my aunts hands and look after it!

What experience/training do you have?

A-I qualified with my NNEB in 1998 which I went straight to college to do after I left school. I’ve worked ever since then and although I’ve had the chance to do other qualifications, I’ve never felt the need to. The parents I’ve worked for have been far more interested in my experience than qualifications.

How long have you been a Night Nanny

A-Over 10 years now-I started doing it when my 2nd child was 6 months old. I stumbled across the idea by accident really and once I looked into it, realised it was the perfect job for someone like me who loved tiny babies! Previous to that I worked as a nanny and in the baby room of a nursery for 8 years after I qualified.

What is the best thing about being a Night Nanny?

A-That I get to cuddle babies as much as I want to and that I make a difference to how well a mum copes with the tough job of being a parent. I get a huge sense of job satisfaction knowing that the family as a whole, can enjoy each other more, if the baby is happily feeding and sleeping well.

What is the worse thing about being a Night Nanny?

A-Maybe the lack of sleep sometimes and that, because I have my own family at home, I’m not always able to catch up on sleep and rest, when off duty.

What advice would you give something who is thinking of becoming a Night Nanny?

A-Experience is essential and lots of it. Volunteer for a time of you have to and learn from other more experience Maternity nurses. It drives me crazy that so many people think they can become a Maternity nurse just by doing a course or having a qualification. When I finished my 2 year NNEB course I already had 2 years of various sole charge care behind me and was able to use that to get the jobs I loved.
Experience will always win over qualifications with the majority of parents, when offering the job of caring for their most precious bundles.

What is your biggest professional achievement?

-Writing my two books and having them published and the feedback from them. The Blissful Baby Expert has the highest ratio of 5*reviews over every other major parenting book and I am VERY VERY proud of that. Knowing that I can help parents all over the world is a huge achievement.

What are you plans for the future?

To continue working and helping as many parents as I can and finding that balance of also being a good mum and wife that my family are proud of.

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Posted by: admin | Posted on: September 27, 2016 | Posted in: General News