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Welcome to the Maternity Nurse Association

“Setting the Standard” in Private Maternity Nurse Care

The Maternity Nurse Association was established due to there being no independent advisory service to those working as a Private Maternity Nurse (Sometimes called Post Natal Carer or Newborn Care Specialist)

Our aim is to provide support and unbiased information on a wide range of issues for Maternity Nurses that has never been available before.

Members of the Maternity Nurse Association will show real commitment to the industry, they will have all credentials checked before being offered membership. We will have a register of the best professional Maternity Nurses and Night Nannies around the world.


The Maternity Nurse industry is rapidly growing and we hope our members will help shape the future. We want to ensure that there are standards and unity for training companies to follow, that we can work with agencies and parents to educate about the role and the responsibilities it holds.

Any prospective employer can check on membership by contacting us.

We want changes within the sector such as the implementation of Maternity Nurse insurance and Maternity Nurse First Aid courses which are already a benefit for our members, but these should be compulsory. The Maternity Nurse association will work closely with training providers and agencies to ensure we can raise the standards