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Code of Ethics

The following ethics must be agreed too when applying to join the Maternity Nurse Association

  • Members will be committed to provide information to clients based on current UK guidelines
  • Members will keep a diary of any incidents within the workplace that concern them and keep for a minimum of three years
  • Members shall only provide information and guidance within their capabilities and training and be aware of personal limitations
  • Members shall remind clients that the role of “Maternity Nurse” is non-medical
  • Members will not offer medical advice and refer to a paediatrician/GP when required
  • Members will use a contract of employment
  • Members will respect confidentiality
  • Members will have a clear deposit policy in place to give to clients on receipt of retainer/deposit
  • Members will report unethical/illegal activity to an appropriate person

Ethics violation:

Should anyone be found not to adhere the code of ethics as set by the Maternity Nurse Association then the board will review all possible information and if necessary revoke the membership- no fees will be refunded.