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Whisbear- The Story

When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child. 

This beautiful sentence, once said by Sophia Loren, can really be a sum up of the entire Whisbear story. Whisbear has been designed based on a deep need of a mothers’ heart and mind to provide children and parents with ultimate, sleep improving solution.

It has been almost 7 years ago, when an idea of opening f a company that produces a Bear, that would sooth babies, came to Zuza’s (a later Whisbear co-founder) mind. There were toys of a similar purpose already but nothing was how she would expect it. She was sitting down in the corner of her bathroom with her firstborn sound asleep in her loving arms. But it is not what you would have seen 15 minutes earlier. After hours of trying to settle him and wandering around the house, she came in to bathroom. This is where she noticed a hairdryer lying soundless on the floor and she suddenly remembered this strange tip she heard a long time ago “hairdryers can work wonders with upset, unsettled, colicky babies” – and that exactly how her son was. She plugged the dryer in (where Whisbear comes from you are allowed to plug the electric devices in the bathrooms 😉 and a miracle happened – Mathew was asleep within minutes. Night after night she did that but one day she knew this cannot be the permanent solution. This was when the idea of Whisbear was first born. But as a first-time mother she concentrated on motherhood, later went back to work and the ingenious concept was forgotten, or rather put to sleep.

It took over 5 years, two more babies and getting her sister Julia on board, to actually develop the product. The motherhood proved to be the most inspiring part of their lives. And it has been transferred to how the company works on a daily basis.

Hwat do you see when you look at Whisbear? And octopus – bear combo? well maybe. Do you know how children start drawing characters? Those cute huge heads with limbs coming out of the, rather uneven, circle? This is exactly what inspired Maria Czapska, a very talented young artist, when she designed Whisbear. And she brought her first sketches of Whisbear they just knew, that Whisbear can be so much more than “just” as a sleep aid (as if that is not enough).

One of the biggest myths many new parents believe is that the silence is what should surround sleeping babies. Well, you can say everything about the inner human body, but not that it is quiet. If you think about it, for 9 months babies if fact grow up in a music theatre and are surrounded by the entire orchestra of sounds performed by heart, amniotic fluids motion, bowel movements (If you’ll excuse us), blood flow, noises from the outside and so on and so forth. We may not forget that the main purpose of Whisbear has always been helping new families with soothing babies who are unsettled for various reasons. And this happens with a help of sound called white noise. Whether it is colic or the process of adaptation to surrounding, new world, babies just want to feel safe and secure again as they did in Mothers’ wombs.

Some people tend to take their favourite blankets or maybe a t-shirt that smells of loved one when they travel, just to feel a bit more secure. When it comes to babies tho – there is not much they can take with them leaving this home of 9 months apart from memories. Memories of mother’s rhythmic movements – this is why we rock babies, memories of a tight space – this is why we swaddle them, memories of thumb sucking – this is why the love breast or a soother and least but not least – the memories of sound. And here, dear Readers, the magic of white noise happens.

Whisbear designers have paid great attention to the little white sound box called “Whisbear’s hear”. A panel of experts have been involved in creating the most sophisticated and safest device, that will provide babies with soothing sounds helping them settle and fall asleep peacefully. The tested and attested device releases a sound, alike to what babies remember from the womb, for 40 minutes. This is enough for the Baby to drift away to deep sleep. After that period the deWhisbearTheHummingBear_eng9vice switches to a standby mode and continuously analyses the nearby sounds. If it recognises crying baby – the shushing sound goes on automatically for additional 20 minutes.

But there is more to it! Whisbear is also a sensory toy. With rustling elements, sawn in the paws and ears and different textures and colours of fabrics used to make him it is perfect to encourage baby’s sensory and fine motor development. The stuffing is hypoallergenic so it is safe for the most delicate of babies from day they are born.

Whisbear has been used in hospitals and donated to number of charities in different countries where it helps babies who need peaceful and heathy sleep the most! Mother and Baby Institute have approved it and it won several awards including the Innovation of The Year in Cologne. It has also been awarded multiple times in United Kingdom.

Whisbear has been created to support and not to replace Mother’s or Father’s attention, so you can be reassured that if the baby is hungry, needs a nappy change, is cold or in pain you will not miss. There simply is no such powerful device to go over baby’s needs or overshadow parents’ instincts.

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Posted by: Sarah Dixon | Posted on: March 22, 2017 | Posted in: General News